Top DIY Plumbing Fails and How to Avoid Them

Learning how to fix common plumbing problems around your home is a great idea but keep in mind that the majority of common plumbing issues usually sprout from poorly done plumbing work. There is no doubt that doing it yourself can definitely save you some money. If you are confident enough with your DIY plumbing skills, you can do the repairs yourself. But sometimes, its best to get the professionals to do the fixing for you to avoid any future catastrophes. 

Here are the top 10 common DIY fails that beginner plumbers usually do;

  1. Don’t forget to turn off the water – If you’re dealing with leaky faucets or showers do not forget to turn off the main water source before working on whatever you are working on. Majority of flooding when doing DIY starts with forgetting to turn off the main pipe.
  2. Make sure you have the right tools to use before you start your DIY project – having the right tools can help guarantee the success as well as the quality of work done in your DIY project
  3. Don’t forget to document things before taking anything apart – If you are not a professional plumber, it can save you a lot of trouble to take note of which part is where… It can save you time, money and can even help you successfully complete your project.
  4. Using the wrong connector- When connecting pipes with dissimilar metal/plastic components, it is highly recommended to use the right connector. This goes especially with metals as it can lead to corrosion if you join different types of metal in addition to water.
  5. Over cranking faucet handles – Over cranking the faucet handle can often lead to breaking it more beyond repair. At most, you need to dismantle the lot and replace whatever needs replacing to fix the leak
  6. Do not overtighten fittings – doing this won’t guarantee that it won’t leak in the future but rather can lead to stripping the threads and lead to a much larger problem
  7. Gain more knowledge before diving into the project – take your time to learn how to really fix the issue before starting

Doing it yourself can indeed save you a ton of money if you do complete the project successfully. If you have the time to invest then you can, it doesn’t really hurt to know about these things. If you have no time or knowledge in doing it yourself, There are a lot of emergency plumbing and heating professionals that can do this for you. You can rest assured the job will be done properly and will save you some worries.

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