TOP 10 types of cladding materials

The structure of your house is protected by cladding. It is an exterior finishing system that protects the inner structure from harsh weather conditions. Exterior wall cladding also improves the aesthetic appeal of the house. The outside wall cladding, like aluminium cladding, has other advantages also besides protecting your house and making it look good. It also acts as a flame retardant.

You will have less pollution in the house if you have cladding and your house will be more energy efficient as well. There are many house wall cladding materials available on the market.Each of these materials has different features and functions.

Before you apply exterior cladding for houses, you should know about the regulations and permissions in your locality. In many cases, you need to take permission before changing the exterior feature of your house. You also need to set up the budget so that you can choose the materials accordingly.

Here we will discuss the major types of cladding materials available today.

Aluminium cladding

It is one of the most popular types of cladding used in the building. It can be recycled, and so is very environment-friendly. It also requires minimal maintenance as it doesn’t corrode or rust. It has a long lifetime. Processes like anodizing, powder coating or galvanizing can preserve the actual texture and design of the aluminium cladding. You can get aluminium cladding in various designs and colors.

Stone cladding

Exterior stone wall cladding gives a natural stone look to the house. You can use stone cladding for both the exterior and interior of your house. It will give your house a rustic and earthy look. Installing this type of cladding is very easy. You will hardly need any maintenance. People who are environment conscious prefer this material. You can use stones like marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, etc.

Wood cladding

Wood cladding looks amazing. This type of cladding is also suitable for both interior and exterior use. There is nothing better than the look of natural wood. Wood cladding is also energy efficient and durable. With wood wall cladding exterior of the house gets an elegant appearance. It doesn’t decay. But like the other cladding materials, it is not fire resistant.

uPVC cladding

This type of cladding is very convenient. It is easy to install. You will not have to do any complex repair works. Also, no maintenance is required. This type of cladding is also suitable for both interior and exterior of the house. This type of cladding can be found in a number of colors. It will add extra insulation to your house. It is very cost effective as well.

Glass cladding

This type of cladding is very impressive. You can find various cladding designs including laminated, tempered, enameled, curved, etc. Glass cladding is very economical.

Tile cladding

This type of cladding has been invented recently. It comes in various forms and is appropriate for both the interior and exterior of the house. This type of cladding can last for a long time. The cladding panels are easy to maintain. If you are looking for a contemporary look then you can choose this tile. This type of cladding can be given in kitchen and bathrooms.

Aluminium composite panel (ACP)

This cladding consisting of lightweight aluminium provides a very strong support to the structure of the house. It is UV and weather resistant. You can get it in various forms including shading, patterns, prints, etc. You can also get it in different thicknesses. The installation process is very simple. You can use it in partitions, canopies, false ceilings, and other places.

Brick cladding

These cladding sheets will give your home a rustic appearance. It is suitable for both interiors and exteriors. The material is porous, so it can absorb the water if it rains. Later, it can also dry out quickly.

Ceramic cladding

Ceramic cladding is also a common choice for many people. It is extensively used for decorative purposes.It is lightweight and needs minimum maintenance. It is pollution resistant. It can protect your home from harsh weather, smog, and acid rain.

Porcelain cladding

It is used for external cladding. It is resistant to scratch and abrasion. The surface is very tough and the material is durable. It will provide a very strong support for your structure. It doesn’t accumulate dust, so maintaining it is very easy. It is thermal shock and freeze resistant.

There are other types of cladding boards available as well. Metal cladding, for example, This is a type of cladding is mostly used in factories and commercial buildings. It is very durable. It can give a very modern look at your building. Vinyl cladding plays a great role as the exterior cladding of a building. It is very durable and will last for many years. It can provide insulation. It is also resistant to scratch. So, you can buy it to cover the exterior of your home. Boards, wallpapers, and exterior slate wall cladding are also used. Whatever cladding systems you choose you must keep in mind the cost of the material. You should consider other factors such as durability, maintenance, options, etc. You must choose the type of cladding carefully. Otherwise, it may lead to problems in your home structures in future.

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