Different types of boiler

Did you know that there are different types of boiler? Before choosing a boiler for your home, it’s ideal to learn about the boilers that are available in the market. Each boiler is different to how they work, and they also have their advantages and disadvantages. Below we’ve listed the main types of boiler and which homes they will be most suitable in.

Combination boilers

A combination boiler is known as a ‘combi boilers’ that provides a direct hot water through the tap from the mains instead of collecting the heat from a water storage cylinder. The boiler can also supply a powerful shower without installing another pump. However, the only downside of using the power shower is that the water can only go through one tap therefore if two taps are running at the same time, both of tap will have a slower speed of water flow.

What are the other advantages of having a combination boiler? The combi boilers come in a small unit. Therefore, it doesn’t need a lot of space or Pipeworks in your home. Less pipework means the installation will be easier and faster to install too. What are the disadvantages? All the heating and the hot water comes from one unit only which means if the unit stops working, you won’t have any hot water and heating.

Which home is best suitable for the combi boiler? They are best suited for smaller properties due to being a compact unit which doesn’t require a lot of space.

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Regular boilers

The regular boilers require a separate hot water cylinder and two separate tanks for the storage of cold water and the other for maintaining the water level of the main heating system. They are mainly installed and most suited for homes who already have an old traditional radiator system.

The regular boilers are ideal for homes who uses a lot of hot water. They are also great if you have two or more bathrooms in your property.

System boilers

System boilers are the easiest to install compared to other boilers. Even though the boiler requires a cylinder for hot water storage, the other components including the expansion vessel, safety valve, vent and the pump are already built in the boiler. Therefore the boiler itself is way easier and faster to install compare to the other boilers. Another advantage of having a built-in boiler is that it removes the risk of damages and water leaks from the pipelines.

This type of boiler works well with eco heating systems which make it environmentally friendly as well as cheaper to run. The system boilers fit any homes with more than one bathroom.

Condensing boilers

The condensing boilers work by using a heated gas. The heated gas is passed through the boiler’s heat exchanger which then passes the energy to any heating system including your radiators. After the energy has

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