Quilting for Beginners

Quilting is a super-popular craft hobby for people who love interior design, but prefer creating their own items rather than shopping. It can be a lot more rewarding to bring your own unique designs to life and see them in your home, rather than opting for something that anyone could own. Quilting is a fantastic way to apply a few different skills and come up with something nobody has ever made before.

Firstly, let’s answer a few common questions when starting out with quilting…

Where can I buy the materials?

You can shop online for quilting fabric and find a fantastic selection of materials to choose from. Patchwork and quilting fabric is big in the UK so there is plenty of demand and plenty of choice. You’ll find that specialist stockists tend to have a wide variety of unique patterns and colours at very affordable prices.

What materials should I start with?

In essence, quilting requires a top layer, bottom layer and wadding to go in between. Quilting wadding supplies are available online and priced per pack or per metre. Sometimes you might want a preset size, like for a standard bedding, or if you’re making your own creations it might be cheaper to buy a different size pack.

What else will I need?

Depending on what you’d like to make, you will need a range of materials, tools and accessories. It can actually be fun collecting these gradually, so no need to rush, but you’ll need the essentials. It helps if you’re already confident with sewing, and then you can learn the techniques.

What sorts of things can I make?

Quilting is traditionally used for making bedding, of course, so you can experiment with different styles of quilts. Patchwork quilting is a common technique which involves sewing together many different patches to form the top layer, before you add the wadding and sew it all together with the bottom layer. This means you can easily work on each small patch one at a time instead of creating a single design on a much larger scale.

In addition to quilts for beds, you can use the same basic techniques and materials to produce whatever you want. Cushions, stuffed animals and even furniture are common choices – you can experiment however you like and create unique items for all over your home.

Why do people love quilting so much?

As well as passing your time with something that’s enjoyable and relaxing, you’ll have something in common with a large community of people in the UK who simply love it. Be warned, collecting materials and producing your own designs can become addictive!

In addition, once you get some practice you’ll be able to produce great quality items exactly how you want them. This is great news for your interior design at home, because everything can be tailor-made for your needs and you can use the colours and fabrics you want to. Try using the same patterned materials to produce a few different items in your room, and keep everything else coordinated with the colour scheme. You’ll be amazing how professional the end results look!

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