Designing a Modern Bathroom on a Budget

Modern bathroom

Are you thinking of redesigning your bathroom in a modern way? Well, it’s true that modern bathrooms can be expensive to achieve. It might cost you well over £6000 to get a luxury bathroom. The costs of modern tiles, bathtubs, basins, toilets, etc. can be expensive depending on your chosen design. The cost also depends on the size of the bathroom.

However, if you’re prepared to shop around, do some of the work yourself and settle for a few changes, it is definitely possible to achieve a modern bathroom design on a budget. Whether you are installing a new bathroom in your house or renovating your old one, you can increase the value of your house by 100% when you give your bathroom a modern look.

Create a budget

If you are serious about redesigning your bathroom, the first thing you should do is find out how much you can afford. You should survey the market and find out the cost of individual items. The major expenses in designing a bathroom are the cost of bathtub, toilet, sink, cabinets, tiles, lighting, shower and flooring. If you find a low cost supplier for all of these items, you can make your budget go much further.

Many people prefer hiring a professional to install the bathroom for you. Even in this case, you can buy the individual components of the bathroom yourself instead of asking them to source it for you. In such cases, the installer may purchase the suite at trade prices and then add a commission for their time – sometimes this can cost much more than if you were to source them yourself. The cost of individual pieces will have a huge impact on your final cost. The cost of plumbing won’t vary that much no matter which professional you choose. The installation prices may vary.

Budget-friendly options

There are many ways you can save money on bathroom remodeling. Here we are going to discuss some budget-friendly options for you.

Basins and Storage

You will find many different types of basins on the market. However, a pedestal basin will often be the most cost effective choice. To lower these costs further, you should look for toilet and basin sets that combine modern designed close coupled toilets with a pedestal basin.


If you have an unlimited fund, then you can have the best shower in the market. But with a limited budget, it is still possible to install a modern looking shower, you may just need to focus less on the fancy features included with high end models. It is better to go for a standard-sized shower base. The most cost effective shower bases are acrylic base, tile base or stone surface pan. You should surround the shower with walls that are easy to maintain. You can have wall panels made of faux stone, stone surface panels or tiles. Corner showers are also a great option as they take up less floor space making them ideal for a small bathroom. You can also opt for p-shaped or l-shaped shower baths that combine a bath with an overhead shower, while retaining the benefits of both. With one larger end, these baths allow you to shower without restriction.


Back-to-wall toilets are a good solution for the small bathroom. It is the best way to utilise your small space. It also gives a contemporary look to your bathroom. The cistern will be located behind the pan of the toilet, so space won’t look too cluttered.


Who wouldn’t like to get out of the shower and wrap in a hot towel? In modern bathrooms, you will find heated towel rails that will keep your towels warm and fresh, while providing heat to the bathroom in general. Heated towel rails are actually a lot cheaper than many people expect, and come in a variety of colours and styles. You can also install an underfloor heating system to keep your bathroom cozy and warm, however this can be more costly. A cheaper alternative to padded vinyl flooring which has a warmer feel.

Limited use of tiles

Tiles are expensive. The cost gets higher when you hire a contractor to do the job for you. You can install tiles in high impact areas and paint the rest of the area. You can use a few more expensive tiles and then mix them with cheaper tiles.


Painting is a much cheaper option than tiling. If you have a limited budget, you can paint your bathroom instead of installing tiles. To save more money, you can start a DIY project instead of hiring a professional to do the job. When heading off to the DIY store, don’t forget to look for special bathroom paint which is designed to withstand the moisture that builds up.


Proper lighting is very important in a modern bathroom. Besides the normal lighting, you can find low cost, illuminated mirrors. Skylight also make your bathroom look bright if you have the option for them.


Adding a vanity unit will increase the costs but it will provide an additional design element whilst giving you more storage space. Shelves are also a great addition and give even storage space. You may also wish to buy some baskets to use as a storage solution in your bathroom. These baskets can be used to store your toiletries and other things. Building a wooden cabinet to store things can be expensive. You can get some lovely baskets in various home stores that will give your bathroom a modern look and make it functional as well.


These are small upgrades and it can transform your bathroom and give it a modern look. You can update towel racks, sink faucets, light fixtures, etc. These are small investments but will make your bathroom look beautiful.

When designing a modern bathroom, it is important to consider the colors. For a small bathroom, lighter colors will look better and make the room look more spacious. You should buy the fixtures carefully and there are many ways to save money on this. There are many used bathroom fixtures in good condition that you can buy from sites like eBay or Etsy. You will be able to save a lot of money by buying these items, instead of the new ones. These budget-friendly bathroom ideas will transform your bathroom into a modern looking and functional unit inside the home.

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