Decorating the Home with Floating Candles

floating candles

Improve any home decor with the help of floating candles. Considered too decorative or elegant at one time, floating candles are now popular and elegant day-to-day touches thanks to home decorators, who incorporate candles in their interior design packages, and real estate agents that add special touches to homes to aid in sales.


Floating Candles to Spice up your Home

Don’t wait for a special occasion to add floating candles. Add atmosphere to the home every day by placing floating candles in a fluted glass decorated with seasonal greens, flowers or leaves. A small river or decorative rocks placed in a wine glass or small glass bowls and filled with water and candles add a subtle elegance to any home.

In the spring, add rose petals, water and rose floating candles to small glass bowls and place on shelves, coffee tables, bed stands or in a bathroom. Purchase scented rose candles to add a wonderful scent of spring to any room.

Decorating with floating candles is relatively inexpensive. Floating candles bowls for floating candles and floating candle centrepieces can be found on the Internet or in craft shops.

If you have purchased small candles in small glass containers in a candle shop, you have a ready-made bowl for floating candles. Once the candle is down to the last bit of wax, scrape the wax out of the container, wash and you have a glass container for floating candles.

At the dinner table, place a glass coloured vase filled with water and add a floating candle. These floating candle centrepieces at the table add a soft glow to the table and helps create a relaxing dining experience. Placing the vase on a rounded or rectangular mirror or a decorative placemat will enhance the ambience.

Use items found in the home for floating candle holders, such as a shallow baking dish, teacup or a decorative tin that is hollowed in the centre enough to allow it to hold water. Add water and a floating candle or a group of floating candles and you have an instant centrepiece for a luncheon or dinner.

Most candles will float because they are made of wax. Tea lights are fine to use to float candles. Small shaped candles purchased at craft and candle shops are unique touches for themed gatherings, such as pumpkin-shaped for a fall luncheon. Craft stores sell candles specific for floating because they are light, small and rounded or flat-bottomed.

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