The Best Stylish Beds Available On The Market

canopy bed

Each year, a gorgeous and intriguing array of creative new bed designs are trotted out alongside the tried and true favourites. Sometimes, these are new takes on stand-by classics, and sometimes, they are simply trends. The true gems among these, however, are genuinely innovative. They’re accessible to only a few until the radical new designs trickle down to bargain producers, but anyone who sees them is impressed. With that, here are a few of the creative and trendy beds for this season:
It is easy to find discount luxury furniture once you know where to look and know what type of dream bed you want. Rare and antique styles will be found on auction sites and markets, or if you’re looking for a more luxury or stylish piece, then high street shops will be a good place to start.



A platform bed calls for the mattress to be set directly on the bed itself, the platform. These are usually solid; although, they can sometimes have slats and specifically do not require a box spring. This lack of a box spring usually results in the bed is low to the ground, giving it a hip vibe. The platform bed originated in ancient Egypt as a decorated bed of royalty, but today, it graces city apartments.



The canopy bed is another classic being given new life. The traditional dainty, floral metalwork of the canopy is frequently complemented now by modern minimalist sensibilities. This type of bed is recognisably modern, but calls back to a simpler time, giving it a quaint, relaxing feel.


Circular Pieces

During the hedonistic 1970s in America, the circular spinning bed rose to temporary prominence among the rich and famous. Today, the concept of a circular bed is being taken to new and truly innovative heights. The egg bed is a notable example. Rocking bed frames have also taken the furniture world by storm. Their frame is composed of two vertical circles which the bed bisects. This allows owners to rock the bed as well as use it at a few different angles. It also makes for an absolutely striking visual and an interesting call back to the electronic spinning circular mattresses of the 70s, reflecting a very different design philosophy.


Free Form Branch Creations

In days gone by, people fashioned their bed out of strong hardwoods to shape the sturdy and beautiful material into their own design. Odysseus made his bed with a tree so heavy it could not be lifted from his house, but it is rare in human history that people appreciated the branches’ natural designs as much as we do today. It used to be a sign of wealth, opulence and skill to craft branches into designs that come from the human imagination, but today we find joy in the natural, striking, one-of-a-kind patterns of the branches themselves. Cutting-edge designers are taking natural branches, coating them in protective resin and fitting them together like a free-form, functional puzzle to …

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10 Cool Things You Must Have In Your House

If you could have literally anything in the world in your house, where would you start? The answer – any of the ten ultra-cool things listed right here! Some weird, some wonderful but all about as cool as it gets!

1. An Aquarium Bed. That’s right – why settle for a normal headboard when you can have an aquarium installed instead?

2. Forest Chandelier. In terms of lighting, how about a chandelier that casts shadows all over your walls that make it look like you’re deep in a magical forest? Seriously…too cool!

3. Swing Set table. Make any normal table infinitely cooler in an instant, simply by adding a frame and suspending a bunch of swinging chairs.

4. Beachfront Office. Ever fancied an office or workspace right there on the beach? It’s easy really, just pick up a high-quality sandpit and reposition your desk and chair accordingly.

5. Combination Dining/Pool Table. Make the most of your living space and keep the whole family happy with a dining room table that also doubles as a full-size pool table.…

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Where To Find the Best Quality Furniture Online

You can furnish your home beautifully and at affordable prices by shopping on the Internet. E-commerce within the furniture industry has made a huge impact over the last 15 years or so, and in 2016 online shopping has never been more popular. This is because of the great deals, good quality furnishings and user-friendly online stores. You can find these online stores by taking a little time to find out what you really want for your home’s decor.


The question remains, where can you find these online stores? Well, you can find these stores by doing some research. Starting with Google or any other search engine is a perfect way to begin your search for those perfect home furniture collections. Simply by inputting what you are looking for on the search engine, you are certain to get an array of results that will lead you to different online stores, which specialise on home furnishings. Another way to find the right online furniture shop is by reading reviews from other customers. There are many suppliers in the UK who sell online quality furniture for a great price. If you are looking for solid oak furniture, it is worth investing more, as they are strong and will last many years. If made in the UK, you can often be more assured that these pieces will be very well made.…

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Luxury furniture for every room

Luxurious furniture provides something that ordinary furniture is not designed for. These household products provide a combination of comfort along with unique style and design. These items are also manufactured from high-quality materials and are created with a focus on durability. Investing in good luxury mid century furniture makes a statement about personal style and commitment to high quality.

Living Room

One of the most important parts of the house is the living room. Most people think that the living room is the first place to be filled with both luxurious and high quality items. Interior designers might recommend living room furniture like wooden mirrors and tables in addition to things made from black leather or softer luxury fabrics. The seating area is the most important aspect of the room, as it is where you relax and appreciate your home’s design the most. Therefore it is essential to get a quality sofa or arm chairs which are comfortable and long lasting. Most sofas will last up to 10 years but the best will look like new for a long time. To create a more comfortable and relaxing space, it is usually essential that you choose a nice soft carpet or rug. There are many different carpet types out there with a range of colours and textures to adapt to your style and budget.

Dining Room

When selecting a dining set, potential buyers must make sure it is both comfortable and accommodating at the same time. The whole family must be able to fit at the table. It should also be the right size so that family members can either share a conversation or gather together without competing for elbow room. If the dining room is joined onto a kitchen or is rather small, it can be difficult to fit in luxury furniture in such a cosy space. To create more room, foldable furniture can be more convenient to accommodate family and any dining guests. A dining set may also be able to be expanded for visitors and growing families.…

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Why Buying Furniture Online is Better Than In-Store

There are many reasons why buying home furnishings online is much better than buying them in-store. One of the main reasons is that you will take out the hassle of driving to the store and waiting in long lines. You will be able to do everything from the comfort of your own home. Although it is appealing to do the shopping right from your sofa, you also have to take precautions when doing online shopping. The most important aspect to consider when you are online shopping is to do your homework on the online furniture shop you are browsing.

living room

Whichever way you look at it, online shopping is much better than going to the actual store itself. Even if you have to do a little research on the store, in the end, it is well worth it because you will even save a little money on petrol. Moreover, doing your research on the online furniture shop is fast and easy. Simply by reading reviews from other customers, checking their brands and prices, you will quickly find out if it’s the right store for you.…

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How to find bargain luxury furniture

There are lot of ways to find quality items for the home at cheap prices in the UK. There is a very wide selection of furniture on the market, mostly in places you may not even think to check. If people are willing to research and do some leg work, they can find a lot of luxury discount furniture at very affordable prices to make their home look great.

Look at local listings

To check for quality discount furniture, it is always a good idea to check online classified ads. One highly recommended site is Gumtree, which can help you find what you’re looking for in your local area. Newspapers that provide free classifieds are also available in many towns and cities. These can provide a wealth of information for people who are looking for great pieces at affordable prices. The only downside of using classified ads is that sellers are generally offering a few items, and buyers will have to travel to look at what different people have available for sale.

Go second hand

Flea markets, auctions, car boot sales, donation centres and charity shops are good places to look for luxury items at a great price. Some antiques and hidden gems are found at these places, and the owners might not even know their true value. Some may be in excellent condition, but if you have some basic restoration knowledge, don’t shy away from beautiful pieces that may need a little repair.…

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