Decorating the Home with Floating Candles

floating candles

Improve any home decor with the help of floating candles. Considered too decorative or elegant at one time, floating candles are now popular and elegant day-to-day touches thanks to home decorators, who incorporate candles in their interior design packages, and real estate agents that add special touches to homes to aid in sales.


Floating Candles to Spice up your Home

Don’t wait for a special occasion to add floating candles. Add atmosphere to the home every day by placing floating candles in a fluted glass decorated with seasonal greens, flowers or leaves. A small river or decorative rocks placed in a wine glass or small glass bowls and filled with water and candles add a subtle elegance to any home.

In the spring, add rose petals, water and rose floating candles to small glass bowls and place on shelves, coffee tables, bed stands or in a bathroom. Purchase scented rose candles to add a wonderful scent of spring to any room.

Decorating with floating candles is relatively inexpensive. Floating candles bowls for floating candles and floating candle centrepieces can be found on the Internet or in craft shops.

If you have purchased small candles in small glass containers in a candle shop, you have a ready-made bowl for floating candles. Once the candle is down to the last bit of wax, scrape the wax out of the container, wash and you have a glass container for floating candles.

At the dinner table, place a glass coloured vase filled with water and add a floating candle. These floating candle centrepieces at the table add a soft glow to the table and helps create a relaxing dining experience. Placing the vase on a rounded or rectangular mirror or a decorative placemat will enhance the ambience.

Use items found in the home for floating candle holders, such as a shallow baking dish, teacup or a decorative tin that is hollowed in the centre enough to allow it to hold water. Add water and a floating candle or a group of floating candles and you have an instant centrepiece for a luncheon or dinner.

Most candles will float because they are made of wax. Tea lights are fine to use to float candles. Small shaped candles purchased at craft and candle shops are unique touches for themed gatherings, such as pumpkin-shaped for a fall luncheon. Craft stores sell candles specific for floating because they are light, small and rounded or flat-bottomed.…

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TOP 10 types of cladding materials

The structure of your house is protected by cladding. It is an exterior finishing system that protects the inner structure from harsh weather conditions. Exterior wall cladding also improves the aesthetic appeal of the house. The outside wall cladding, like aluminium cladding, has other advantages also besides protecting your house and making it look good. It also acts as a flame retardant.

You will have less pollution in the house if you have cladding and your house will be more energy efficient as well. There are many house wall cladding materials available on the market.Each of these materials has different features and functions.

Before you apply exterior cladding for houses, you should know about the regulations and permissions in your locality. In many cases, you need to take permission before changing the exterior feature of your house. You also need to set up the budget so that you can choose the materials accordingly.

Here we will discuss the major types of cladding materials available today.

Aluminium cladding

It is one of the most popular types of cladding used in the building. It can be recycled, and so is very environment-friendly. It also requires minimal maintenance as it doesn’t corrode or rust. It has a long lifetime. Processes like anodizing, powder coating or galvanizing can preserve the actual texture and design of the aluminium cladding. You can get aluminium cladding in various designs and colors.

Stone cladding

Exterior stone wall cladding gives a natural stone look to the house. You can use stone cladding for both the exterior and interior of your house. It will give your house a rustic and earthy look. Installing this type of cladding is very easy. You will hardly need any maintenance. People who are environment conscious prefer this material. You can use stones like marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, etc.

Wood cladding

Wood cladding looks amazing. This type of cladding is also suitable for both interior and exterior use. There is nothing better than the look of natural wood. Wood cladding is also energy efficient and durable. With wood wall cladding exterior of the house gets an elegant appearance. It doesn’t decay. But like the other cladding materials, it is not fire resistant.

uPVC cladding

This type of cladding is very convenient. It is easy to install. You will not have to do any complex repair works. Also, no maintenance is required. This type of cladding is also suitable for both interior and exterior of the house. This type of cladding can be found in a number of colors. It will add extra insulation to your house. It is very cost effective as well.

Glass cladding

This type of cladding is very impressive. You can find various cladding designs including laminated, tempered, enameled, curved, etc. Glass cladding is very economical.

Tile cladding

This type of cladding has been invented recently. It comes in various forms and is appropriate for both the interior and exterior of the house. This type of cladding can …

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5 Affordable Bedroom Design Ideas

There are two ways a bedroom can be viewed – a functional room that serves a basic purpose, or a wonderfully tranquil and relaxing escape from the real world. If it’s the latter you’d like to create, it might be necessary to go about an urgent design overhaul.

So if you haven’t given your own bedroom any TLC for some time, here’s a quick rundown of five ways you can transform the place, without overspending:

1. Repaint

First of all, never underestimate just how big of a difference a new coat of paint can make to any room of the home. Consider the different moods created by colours – greens being calm and tranquil, reds for romance, yellows for brightness and so on. A quick, easy and hugely effective transformation.

2. Hang Wall Art

Most people hang very little on their bedroom walls, but the right images and artwork really can transform the whole room. You don’t have to overspend either, as there’s always an endless array to be picked up for next to nothing online, at charity shops and from second-hand vendors in general.…

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Your Complete Guide to Net Curtains

Net curtains are something of a forgotten trend in interior design. They’re actually still incorporated in many contemporary designs, whether they’re used in low-budget projects or for expensive and extravagant makeovers.
However, you’ll notice that they’re rarely considered a major focal point. We think that might be doing the humble net curtain a disservice, so here’s our quick guide to everything you need to know about choosing and maintaining your nets.
What’s the purpose of net curtains?
This may be a good place to start. In essence, net curtains provide some privacy and disperse the natural light coming in through your windows, but they have the added advantage of not blocking out that light entirely. Depending on the design you choose, they can really add something special to the overall look of your room.
What rooms are they suitable for?
You can use net curtains in almost any room, although the size and style may vary. You might want to have a different look for a bedroom than you would for a kitchen or a living room, but really this is entirely up to you. Net curtains can be used anywhere that curtains are suitable.

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Tips For Designing Your Own Bedroom

Although we may sleep though much of it, most of us spend more time in our bedrooms than any other room in the home. That’s why it’s so important to make sure yours is comfortable, relaxing and completely tailored to you. We really believe in taking the lead when it comes to your own home and interior design, so trust your vision and jump right in – once you understand the basics, that is. To guarantee the best possible results, you might look into hiring a professional team to help you.

1) Start with planning where the bed will go. After all, it’s the main feature and function of the entire room. It’s also probably going to dominate more space than anything else, so make sure its placement is practical.

2) Make sure everything is accessible. Come up with a coherent floor plan that makes it easy for you to walk around, especially focusing on the paths you will take most often. This will depend on where you have your bed in relation to the door and furnishings.

3) Consider fitted furniture. You might decide that fitted units are the best way to maximise your storage space and create a seamless finish across your bedroom. These can be a good way to make use of any awkwardly shaped areas. Contemporary sliding wardrobes are a wonderful way to combine functionality and style.…

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Luxury furniture for every room

Luxurious furniture provides something that ordinary furniture is not designed for. These household products provide a combination of comfort along with unique style and design. These items are also manufactured from high-quality materials and are created with a focus on durability. Investing in good luxury mid century furniture makes a statement about personal style and commitment to high quality.

Living Room

One of the most important parts of the house is the living room. Most people think that the living room is the first place to be filled with both luxurious and high quality items. Interior designers might recommend living room furniture like wooden mirrors and tables in addition to things made from black leather or softer luxury fabrics. The seating area is the most important aspect of the room, as it is where you relax and appreciate your home’s design the most. Therefore it is essential to get a quality sofa or arm chairs which are comfortable and long lasting. Most sofas will last up to 10 years but the best will look like new for a long time. To create a more comfortable and relaxing space, it is usually essential that you choose a nice soft carpet or rug. There are many different carpet types out there with a range of colours and textures to adapt to your style and budget.

Dining Room

When selecting a dining set, potential buyers must make sure it is both comfortable and accommodating at the same time. The whole family must be able to fit at the table. It should also be the right size so that family members can either share a conversation or gather together without competing for elbow room. If the dining room is joined onto a kitchen or is rather small, it can be difficult to fit in luxury furniture in such a cosy space. To create more room, foldable furniture can be more convenient to accommodate family and any dining guests. A dining set may also be able to be expanded for visitors and growing families.…

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