5 Affordable Bedroom Design Ideas

There are two ways a bedroom can be viewed – a functional room that serves a basic purpose, or a wonderfully tranquil and relaxing escape from the real world. If it’s the latter you’d like to create, it might be necessary to go about an urgent design overhaul.

So if you haven’t given your own bedroom any TLC for some time, here’s a quick rundown of five ways you can transform the place, without overspending:

1. Repaint

First of all, never underestimate just how big of a difference a new coat of paint can make to any room of the home. Consider the different moods created by colours – greens being calm and tranquil, reds for romance, yellows for brightness and so on. A quick, easy and hugely effective transformation.

2. Hang Wall Art

Most people hang very little on their bedroom walls, but the right images and artwork really can transform the whole room. You don’t have to overspend either, as there’s always an endless array to be picked up for next to nothing online, at charity shops and from second-hand vendors in general.

3. Go DIY with Furniture

Achieve an incredibly rustic and charming look by picking up cheap second-hand furniture and getting creative with a little DIY. Sand it, paint it or even take it apart and make something new – just as long as you make it your own.

4. Use Creative Accessories

Generic accessories from IKEA are all well and good, but they’ll never allow you to create a look and feel that’s uniquely yours. Instead therefore, focus on more creative accessories – either by picking them up second-hand or doing the same as above with a little DIY.

5. Soft Furnishings

Last but not least, it’s perfectly possible to overhaul your entire room simply by swapping current (or adding new) soft furnishings. From the bedding itself to the curtains to rugs to throws to cushions and more, the colours you choose will have a real impact on the room and the furnishings themselves will add a real sense of comfort and luxury.

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