10 Cool Things You Must Have In Your House

If you could have literally anything in the world in your house, where would you start? The answer – any of the ten ultra-cool things listed right here! Some weird, some wonderful but all about as cool as it gets!

1. An Aquarium Bed. That’s right – why settle for a normal headboard when you can have an aquarium installed instead?

2. Forest Chandelier. In terms of lighting, how about a chandelier that casts shadows all over your walls that make it look like you’re deep in a magical forest? Seriously…too cool!

3. Swing Set table. Make any normal table infinitely cooler in an instant, simply by adding a frame and suspending a bunch of swinging chairs.

4. Beachfront Office. Ever fancied an office or workspace right there on the beach? It’s easy really, just pick up a high-quality sandpit and reposition your desk and chair accordingly.

5. Combination Dining/Pool Table. Make the most of your living space and keep the whole family happy with a dining room table that also doubles as a full-size pool table.6. Ping Pong Door. Of if pool isn’t your thing, how about a standard household door that also folds down into an epic ping pong table? So much fun and no extra space needed!

7. Outdoor Cinema. These days, all you need is a laptop, a cheap projector, some speakers and a flat white screen to convert your own back garden into an awesome outdoor cinema.

8. Beach Back Garden. Or if you prefer, you can take the fourth tip here and take it outdoors. Convert a sizeable area of your garden into a sand-pit, before adding furniture and a fire pit to complete the package.

9. Indoor Slide. If space permits, consider making going downstairs infinitely more enjoyable forever, simply by installing an indoor slide. Of if you prefer, a fireman’s pole.

10. Indoor Treehouse. Last but not least, if you happen to have kids but no trees big enough for a treehouse, you could always knock one up indoors. Use a pre-built playhouse or build your own, before suspending or mounting it safely in a high corner.

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