Top DIY Plumbing Fails and How to Avoid Them

Learning how to fix common plumbing problems around your home is a great idea but keep in mind that the majority of common plumbing issues usually sprout from poorly done plumbing work. There is no doubt that doing it yourself can definitely save you some money. If you are confident enough with your DIY plumbing skills, you can do the repairs yourself. But sometimes, its best to get the professionals to do the fixing for you to avoid any future catastrophes. 

Here are the top 10 common DIY fails that beginner plumbers usually do;

  1. Don’t forget to turn off the water – If you’re dealing with leaky faucets or showers do not forget to turn off the main water source before working on whatever you are working on. Majority of flooding when doing DIY starts with forgetting to turn off the main pipe.
  2. Make sure you have the right tools to use before you start your DIY project – having the right tools can help guarantee the success as well as the quality of work done in your DIY project
  3. Don’t forget to document things before taking anything apart – If you are not a professional plumber, it can save you a lot of trouble to take note of which part is where… It can save you time, money and can even help you successfully complete your project.
  4. Using the wrong connector- When connecting pipes with dissimilar metal/plastic components, it is highly recommended to use the right connector. This goes especially with metals as it can lead to corrosion if you join different types of metal in addition to water.
  5. Over cranking faucet handles – Over cranking the faucet handle can often lead to breaking it more beyond repair. At most, you need to dismantle the lot and replace whatever needs replacing to fix the leak
  6. Do not overtighten fittings – doing this won’t guarantee that it won’t leak in the future but rather can lead to stripping the threads and lead to a much larger problem
  7. Gain more knowledge before diving into the project – take your time to learn how to really fix the issue before starting

Doing it yourself can indeed save you a ton of money if you do complete the project successfully. If you have the time to invest then you can, it doesn’t really hurt to know about these things. If you have no time or knowledge in doing it yourself, There are a lot of emergency plumbing and heating professionals that can do this for you. You can rest assured the job will be done properly and will save you some worries.

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Designing a Modern Bathroom on a Budget

Modern bathroom

Are you thinking of redesigning your bathroom in a modern way? Well, it’s true that modern bathrooms can be expensive to achieve. It might cost you well over £6000 to get a luxury bathroom. The costs of modern tiles, bathtubs, basins, toilets, etc. can be expensive depending on your chosen design. The cost also depends on the size of the bathroom.

However, if you’re prepared to shop around, do some of the work yourself and settle for a few changes, it is definitely possible to achieve a modern bathroom design on a budget. Whether you are installing a new bathroom in your house or renovating your old one, you can increase the value of your house by 100% when you give your bathroom a modern look.

Create a budget

If you are serious about redesigning your bathroom, the first thing you should do is find out how much you can afford. You should survey the market and find out the cost of individual items. The major expenses in designing a bathroom are the cost of bathtub, toilet, sink, cabinets, tiles, lighting, shower and flooring. If you find a low cost supplier for all of these items, you can make your budget go much further.

Many people prefer hiring a professional to install the bathroom for you. Even in this case, you can buy the individual components of the bathroom yourself instead of asking them to source it for you. In such cases, the installer may purchase the suite at trade prices and then add a commission for their time – sometimes this can cost much more than if you were to source them yourself. The cost of individual pieces will have a huge impact on your final cost. The cost of plumbing won’t vary that much no matter which professional you choose. The installation prices may vary.

Budget-friendly options

There are many ways you can save money on bathroom remodeling. Here we are going to discuss some budget-friendly options for you.

Basins and Storage

You will find many different types of basins on the market. However, a pedestal basin will often be the most cost effective choice. To lower these costs further, you should look for toilet and basin sets that combine modern designed close coupled toilets with a pedestal basin.


If you have an unlimited fund, then you can have the best shower in the market. But with a limited budget, it is still possible to install a modern looking shower, you may just need to focus less on the fancy features included with high end models. It is better to go for a standard-sized shower base. The most cost effective shower bases are acrylic base, tile base or stone surface pan. You should surround the shower with walls that are easy to maintain. You can have wall panels made of faux stone, stone surface panels or tiles. Corner showers are also a great option as they take up less floor space making them ideal for a small …

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5 Affordable Bedroom Design Ideas

There are two ways a bedroom can be viewed – a functional room that serves a basic purpose, or a wonderfully tranquil and relaxing escape from the real world. If it’s the latter you’d like to create, it might be necessary to go about an urgent design overhaul.

So if you haven’t given your own bedroom any TLC for some time, here’s a quick rundown of five ways you can transform the place, without overspending:

1. Repaint

First of all, never underestimate just how big of a difference a new coat of paint can make to any room of the home. Consider the different moods created by colours – greens being calm and tranquil, reds for romance, yellows for brightness and so on. A quick, easy and hugely effective transformation.

2. Hang Wall Art

Most people hang very little on their bedroom walls, but the right images and artwork really can transform the whole room. You don’t have to overspend either, as there’s always an endless array to be picked up for next to nothing online, at charity shops and from second-hand vendors in general.

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Different types of boiler

Did you know that there are different types of boiler? Before choosing a boiler for your home, it’s ideal to learn about the boilers that are available in the market. Each boiler is different to how they work, and they also have their advantages and disadvantages. Below we’ve listed the main types of boiler and which homes they will be most suitable in.

Combination boilers

A combination boiler is known as a ‘combi boilers’ that provides a direct hot water through the tap from the mains instead of collecting the heat from a water storage cylinder. The boiler can also supply a powerful shower without installing another pump. However, the only downside of using the power shower is that the water can only go through one tap therefore if two taps are running at the same time, both of tap will have a slower speed of water flow.

What are the other advantages of having a combination boiler? The combi boilers come in a small unit. Therefore, it doesn’t need a lot of space or Pipeworks in your home. Less pipework means the installation will be easier and faster to install too. What are the disadvantages? All the heating and the hot water comes from one unit only which means if the unit stops working, you won’t have any hot water and heating.

Which home is best suitable for the combi boiler? They are best suited for smaller properties due to being a compact unit which doesn’t require a lot of space.

If you’re ready for a new boiler system or you’re simply looking for a boiler repair in South London

Regular boilers

The regular boilers require a separate hot water cylinder and two separate tanks for the storage of cold water and the other for maintaining the water level of the main heating system. They are mainly installed and most suited for homes who already have an old traditional radiator system.

The regular boilers are ideal for homes who uses a lot of hot water. They are also great if you have two or more bathrooms in your property.

System boilers

System boilers are the easiest to install compared to other boilers. Even though the boiler requires a cylinder for hot water storage, the other components including the expansion vessel, safety valve, vent and the pump are already built in the boiler. Therefore the boiler itself is way easier and faster to install compare to the other boilers. Another advantage of having a built-in boiler is that it removes the risk of damages and water leaks from the pipelines.

This type of boiler works well with eco heating systems which make it environmentally friendly as well as cheaper to run. The system boilers fit any homes with more than one bathroom.

Condensing boilers

The condensing boilers work by using a heated gas. The heated gas is passed through the boiler’s heat exchanger which then passes the energy to any heating system including your radiators. After the energy has

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Stylish Stainless Steel Kitchens

For a number of years now, a prominent trend for new kitchen design has been to use stainless steel, and plenty of it. Some people have suggested this trend has now been around for long enough that we can expect it to start fading out, but we don’t see any sign of that actually happening.

There are many reasons why people seem to love stainless steel kitchens and worktops (plus just about any other appliances and accessories they can get hold of). It’s a versatile material that’s easy to manufacture, meaning it’s cost effective too. It’s strong, durable and won’t require much maintenance to make it last a long time. It’s also extremely easy to clean, and given a little upkeep it will keep your kitchen sparkling. From a practical perspective there really isn’t much to dislike.

From a design point of view, one of the main great things about stainless steel is actually that it can tie all the little details of your kitchen together for one cohesive look. You might not even notice at first because these details can be quite subtle, allowing you to choose your own primary colour scheme and let the steel blend into the background. However, on closer inspection, consistent stainless steel details from your cutlery and appliances to your sink and even door handles will really make for a much more consistent overall look.

Speaking of all those accessories and added extras, a good thing about choosing stainless steel is that you won’t struggle to find anything you need for your kitchen with a matching finish. Since it’s such a popular material, it’s one of the default options for almost all kitchenware so you can easily mix and match different items from various shops and make the whole thing look smart and connected.

Of course, you can also incorporate other materials into your kitchen along with some touches of steel. It can sometimes be surprising how many different colours and materials you can include in one room as long as you stick to a distinct style and make sure that each element complements the rest. Wood, granite, marble, glass… the choice is yours depending on your desired look. However, stainless steel does have the advantage over most other options when you’re choosing the main material to create your kitchen unit doors, worktops and other large surfaces. It’s very affordable and you know that it’s very unlikely to be damaged over time. With something like wood, for example, it’s easy for it to become warped or stained over time because even when treated it’s not permanently water-resistant in the same way that stainless steel is.

If you’re looking for a material that will work for your whole kitchen on a practical level while still looking fantastic, then stainless steel is almost certainly for you. Want something ultra-modern? Gleaming silver surfaces which are easy to clean should do the trick. Prefer a more traditional and homely feel? Just incorporate it in small doses where you …

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Quilting for Beginners

Quilting is a super-popular craft hobby for people who love interior design, but prefer creating their own items rather than shopping. It can be a lot more rewarding to bring your own unique designs to life and see them in your home, rather than opting for something that anyone could own. Quilting is a fantastic way to apply a few different skills and come up with something nobody has ever made before.

Firstly, let’s answer a few common questions when starting out with quilting…

Where can I buy the materials?

You can shop online for quilting fabric and find a fantastic selection of materials to choose from. Patchwork and quilting fabric is big in the UK so there is plenty of demand and plenty of choice. You’ll find that specialist stockists tend to have a wide variety of unique patterns and colours at very affordable prices.

What materials should I start with?

In essence, quilting requires a top layer, bottom layer and wadding to go in between. Quilting wadding supplies are available online and priced per pack or per metre. Sometimes you might want a preset size, like for a standard bedding, or if you’re making your own creations it might be cheaper to buy a different size pack.

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Your Complete Guide to Net Curtains

Net curtains are something of a forgotten trend in interior design. They’re actually still incorporated in many contemporary designs, whether they’re used in low-budget projects or for expensive and extravagant makeovers.
However, you’ll notice that they’re rarely considered a major focal point. We think that might be doing the humble net curtain a disservice, so here’s our quick guide to everything you need to know about choosing and maintaining your nets.
What’s the purpose of net curtains?
This may be a good place to start. In essence, net curtains provide some privacy and disperse the natural light coming in through your windows, but they have the added advantage of not blocking out that light entirely. Depending on the design you choose, they can really add something special to the overall look of your room.
What rooms are they suitable for?
You can use net curtains in almost any room, although the size and style may vary. You might want to have a different look for a bedroom than you would for a kitchen or a living room, but really this is entirely up to you. Net curtains can be used anywhere that curtains are suitable.

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Tips For Designing Your Own Bedroom

Although we may sleep though much of it, most of us spend more time in our bedrooms than any other room in the home. That’s why it’s so important to make sure yours is comfortable, relaxing and completely tailored to you. We really believe in taking the lead when it comes to your own home and interior design, so trust your vision and jump right in – once you understand the basics, that is. To guarantee the best possible results, you might look into hiring a professional team to help you.

1) Start with planning where the bed will go. After all, it’s the main feature and function of the entire room. It’s also probably going to dominate more space than anything else, so make sure its placement is practical.

2) Make sure everything is accessible. Come up with a coherent floor plan that makes it easy for you to walk around, especially focusing on the paths you will take most often. This will depend on where you have your bed in relation to the door and furnishings.

3) Consider fitted furniture. You might decide that fitted units are the best way to maximise your storage space and create a seamless finish across your bedroom. These can be a good way to make use of any awkwardly shaped areas. Contemporary sliding wardrobes are a wonderful way to combine functionality and style.

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Designer Radiator Buying Guide

Once boring, the radiators on the market today are nothing short of fabulous. Designers from all over the world are making their own mark on this increasingly popular home product line, churning out everything from paper clips to dinosaurs!

So assuming you’ve got your eye on new radiators for the home and only the best will do, how should you go about your search?


Well, first of all it’s important to remember that quality radiators these days tend to be far more efficient than they used to be. As such, you’ll probably get away with smaller or even fewer radiators around the home. Popular choices are vertical or horizontal designer radiators for your bathroom or living room. You’ll still need to work out the exact BTU output you need, but this is made easy by using an online BTU calculator.


As for available materials, each brings its own pros and cons to the equation. Aluminium radiators heat up very fast and are extremely efficient, though do not retain heat for long when turned off. Cast iron radiators are great for retaining heat, though take quite some time to heat up. Stainless steel is a good choice for creative radiator design and is also very efficient. There’s also the option of glass, which along with good efficiency can make for simply stunning designer radiators.

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Luxury furniture for every room

Luxurious furniture provides something that ordinary furniture is not designed for. These household products provide a combination of comfort along with unique style and design. These items are also manufactured from high-quality materials and are created with a focus on durability. Investing in good luxury mid century furniture makes a statement about personal style and commitment to high quality.

Living Room

One of the most important parts of the house is the living room. Most people think that the living room is the first place to be filled with both luxurious and high quality items. Interior designers might recommend living room furniture like wooden mirrors and tables in addition to things made from black leather or softer luxury fabrics. The seating area is the most important aspect of the room, as it is where you relax and appreciate your home’s design the most. Therefore it is essential to get a quality sofa or arm chairs which are comfortable and long lasting. Most sofas will last up to 10 years but the best will look like new for a long time. To create a more comfortable and relaxing space, it is usually essential that you choose a nice soft carpet or rug. There are many different carpet types out there with a range of colours and textures to adapt to your style and budget.

Dining Room

When selecting a dining set, potential buyers must make sure it is both comfortable and accommodating at the same time. The whole family must be able to fit at the table. It should also be the right size so that family members can either share a conversation or gather together without competing for elbow room. If the dining room is joined onto a kitchen or is rather small, it can be difficult to fit in luxury furniture in such a cosy space. To create more room, foldable furniture can be more convenient to accommodate family and any dining guests. A dining set may also be able to be expanded for visitors and growing families.

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How to select a bookcase furniture

book case

Contemplate the available space, decor style and the amount of money you want to spend on your bookcase. Also, decide the type and quantity of books you’d like to store. The existing room’s decor will have an impact on the style, finish and colour of bookcase you select. Consider who will be using the bookcase to determine necessary safety features. Options, such as locked cabinets and stabilizing wall anchors are significant factors to consider before selecting your bookcase. You can purchase bookcases from furniture stores or reputable online marketplaces like and Online stores provide delivery, but some people who sell used furniture don’t include shipping but collection only.

A small, securely-anchored wooden bookcase can hold lightweight books in a child’s room, allowing him to easily reach a book and pull it off the shelf. Add coordinating units as your child grows into adolescence, creating additional storage for personal items, books and technology equipment.

Bookcase bedroom furniture is an efficient and practical way to store books, magazines and newspapers for bedtime reading. This furniture piece serves double duty as a headboard and a bookcase. More elaborate versions feature a headboard bookcase flanked on both sides by additional bookcases, providing ample shelves for a myriad of books and other collectables. White, black or brown are typical colour options for bookcase bedroom furniture pieces. You can add coordinating pieces to your collection as the need arises.

Magnificent wall units can be strategically positioned side-by-side to create a stunning wall of bookshelves that appears to be a massive, built-in wooden bookcase. Large, spacious rooms with soaring ceilings can accommodate these custom bookcases, providing ample space to create your own personal library. Glossy black units with clean straight lines enhance the contemporary style, while warmer woods in rich browns and rounded edges complement the traditional decor.

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The Best Stylish Beds Available On The Market

canopy bed

Each year, a gorgeous and intriguing array of creative new bed designs are trotted out alongside the tried and true favourites. Sometimes, these are new takes on stand-by classics, and sometimes, they are simply trends. The true gems among these, however, are genuinely innovative. They’re accessible to only a few until the radical new designs trickle down to bargain producers, but anyone who sees them is impressed. With that, here are a few of the creative and trendy beds for this season:
It is easy to find discount luxury furniture once you know where to look and know what type of dream bed you want. Rare and antique styles will be found on auction sites and markets, or if you’re looking for a more luxury or stylish piece, then high street shops will be a good place to start.



A platform bed calls for the mattress to be set directly on the bed itself, the platform. These are usually solid; although, they can sometimes have slats and specifically do not require a box spring. This lack of a box spring usually results in the bed is low to the ground, giving it a hip vibe. The platform bed originated in ancient Egypt as a decorated bed of royalty, but today, it graces city apartments.



The canopy bed is another classic being given new life. The traditional dainty, floral metalwork of the canopy is frequently complemented now by modern minimalist sensibilities. This type of bed is recognisably modern, but calls back to a simpler time, giving it a quaint, relaxing feel.


Circular Pieces

During the hedonistic 1970s in America, the circular spinning bed rose to temporary prominence among the rich and famous. Today, the concept of a circular bed is being taken to new and truly innovative heights. The egg bed is a notable example. Rocking bed frames have also taken the furniture world by storm. Their frame is composed of two vertical circles which the bed bisects. This allows owners to rock the bed as well as use it at a few different angles. It also makes for an absolutely striking visual and an interesting call back to the electronic spinning circular mattresses of the 70s, reflecting a very different design philosophy.


Free Form Branch Creations

In days gone by, people fashioned their bed out of strong hardwoods to shape the sturdy and beautiful material into their own design. Odysseus made his bed with a tree so heavy it could not be lifted from his house, but it is rare in human history that people appreciated the branches’ natural designs as much as we do today. It used to be a sign of wealth, opulence and skill to craft branches into designs that come from the human imagination, but today we find joy in the natural, striking, one-of-a-kind patterns of the branches themselves. Cutting-edge designers are taking natural branches, coating them in protective resin and fitting them together like a free-form, functional puzzle to …

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Vegetable plants for vertical gardening

vertical gardeningVertical gardening is the best methods for plants that require a lot of sunlight. It’s great to set this up during the summer where plants can make the most out of the sun. They can also look decorative for your garden during the warm season. Before setting up, you’ll need to find out which plants are best for vertical planting. We’ve listed some plants below.


Cucumbers are known as a fast growing fruit which is ideal for this type of gardening. Cucumbers produce long vines during growth which is suitable in a vertical position. The fruit also grows faster when it is directed in sunlight.


Radishes don’t grow too big and are also fast growing plants. They usually produce fully grown radishes within three weeks as long as they get plenty of sunlight and water. You can prevent the radishes from becoming too big by planting them in a container that’s less than six inches deep.


Tomatoes are another popular plant for planting. They are great for the vertical garden due to their compact size. By planting vertical, the vines can be maintained throughout the growth as they usually grow longer as the weeks go. It’s also important to be aware that tomatoes are more likely to catch a disease if they are not supported during growth.


Any types of leafy vegetables are great for vertical planting as most leafy greens are light in weight. There are a variety of leafy vegetables that you can start planting including spinach and lettuce.

Lablab beans

Lablab beans are mainly planted in hot countries. They are generally planted during the summer where the temperature is warm as they grow faster during this season. The beans are perfect as they are also compact and lightweight when fully developed.

Brassica Vegetables

Brassica vegetables like kale, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are prone to pest infestation which means they are best planted vertically so that it’s visible to spot any infestation before they get damaged.

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Affordable makeover tips for your kitchen space

kitchen sink

Revamping your kitchen space may seem expensive for many. However, there are many affordable ways that you can redesign your kitchen. So if you are looking to get started, we recommend the following tips below.

Replace your kitchen sink

Replacing your sink is affordable and won’t break your bank. If you still have a regular sink, why not check out a variety of sink with a different style. You can now purchase different kinds of faucets and hose to change the look of your washing space.

Replace your food storages

Are your food storages looking old and tacky? Why not replace them with a newer style? Make sure to purchase new storages that fit the style that you are trying to achieve. Even small changes can make a significant difference in your kitchen space.

Buy new accessories and appliances

Accessories such as tea towels or even a new toaster can upgrade the look of your kitchen. You can also add new small kitchen appliances and other accessories that you may want to use for preparing your meal.

Recolour your kitchen cupboards

Buying new cupboards can be expensive, so instead of splashing out, simply get yourself a bucket of paints, some sandpaper, duct tape, paint brushes and you are ready to go! If it’s your first time repainting, there are many tutorials online that you can easily follow.

New back tiles

You can add some back tiles of your choice to revamp your cooking space. Adding tiles is something you may not have done before. However, you can now purchase tiles that you can easily stick to the wall without all the DIY involved. Not only are they affordable but they are also quick to apply, just attach the tile on the wall for a new look.

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Decorating the Home with Floating Candles

floating candles

Improve any home decor with the help of floating candles. Considered too decorative or elegant at one time, floating candles are now popular and elegant day-to-day touches thanks to home decorators, who incorporate candles in their interior design packages, and real estate agents that add special touches to homes to aid in sales.


Floating Candles to Spice up your Home

Don’t wait for a special occasion to add floating candles. Add atmosphere to the home every day by placing floating candles in a fluted glass decorated with seasonal greens, flowers or leaves. A small river or decorative rocks placed in a wine glass or small glass bowls and filled with water and candles add a subtle elegance to any home.

In the spring, add rose petals, water and rose floating candles to small glass bowls and place on shelves, coffee tables, bed stands or in a bathroom. Purchase scented rose candles to add a wonderful scent of spring to any room.

Decorating with floating candles is relatively inexpensive. Floating candles bowls for floating candles and floating candle centrepieces can be found on the Internet or in craft shops.

If you have purchased small candles in small glass containers in a candle shop, you have a ready-made bowl for floating candles. Once the candle is down to the last bit of wax, scrape the wax out of the container, wash and you have a glass container for floating candles.

At the dinner table, place a glass coloured vase filled with water and add a floating candle. These floating candle centrepieces at the table add a soft glow to the table and helps create a relaxing dining experience. Placing the vase on a rounded or rectangular mirror or a decorative placemat will enhance the ambience.

Use items found in the home for floating candle holders, such as a shallow baking dish, teacup or a decorative tin that is hollowed in the centre enough to allow it to hold water. Add water and a floating candle or a group of floating candles and you have an instant centrepiece for a luncheon or dinner.

Most candles will float because they are made of wax. Tea lights are fine to use to float candles. Small shaped candles purchased at craft and candle shops are unique touches for themed gatherings, such as pumpkin-shaped for a fall luncheon. Craft stores sell candles specific for floating because they are light, small and rounded or flat-bottomed.

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TOP 10 types of cladding materials

The structure of your house is protected by cladding. It is an exterior finishing system that protects the inner structure from harsh weather conditions. Exterior wall cladding also improves the aesthetic appeal of the house. The outside wall cladding, like aluminium cladding, has other advantages also besides protecting your house and making it look good. It also acts as a flame retardant.

You will have less pollution in the house if you have cladding and your house will be more energy efficient as well. There are many house wall cladding materials available on the market.Each of these materials has different features and functions.

Before you apply exterior cladding for houses, you should know about the regulations and permissions in your locality. In many cases, you need to take permission before changing the exterior feature of your house. You also need to set up the budget so that you can choose the materials accordingly.

Here we will discuss the major types of cladding materials available today.

Aluminium cladding

It is one of the most popular types of cladding used in the building. It can be recycled, and so is very environment-friendly. It also requires minimal maintenance as it doesn’t corrode or rust. It has a long lifetime. Processes like anodizing, powder coating or galvanizing can preserve the actual texture and design of the aluminium cladding. You can get aluminium cladding in various designs and colors.

Stone cladding

Exterior stone wall cladding gives a natural stone look to the house. You can use stone cladding for both the exterior and interior of your house. It will give your house a rustic and earthy look. Installing this type of cladding is very easy. You will hardly need any maintenance. People who are environment conscious prefer this material. You can use stones like marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, etc.

Wood cladding

Wood cladding looks amazing. This type of cladding is also suitable for both interior and exterior use. There is nothing better than the look of natural wood. Wood cladding is also energy efficient and durable. With wood wall cladding exterior of the house gets an elegant appearance. It doesn’t decay. But like the other cladding materials, it is not fire resistant.

uPVC cladding

This type of cladding is very convenient. It is easy to install. You will not have to do any complex repair works. Also, no maintenance is required. This type of cladding is also suitable for both interior and exterior of the house. This type of cladding can be found in a number of colors. It will add extra insulation to your house. It is very cost effective as well.

Glass cladding

This type of cladding is very impressive. You can find various cladding designs including laminated, tempered, enameled, curved, etc. Glass cladding is very economical.

Tile cladding

This type of cladding has been invented recently. It comes in various forms and is appropriate for both the interior and exterior of the house. This type of cladding can …

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Brighten your patio or garden with outdoor candles

outdoor candles

Whether you prefer an old-fashioned open flame, a lantern that will keep burning through the wind and rain, bug-repelling scents, or a modern “candle” powered by a battery, your garden, lawn, or patio will look cheerful and welcoming at night with the soft illumination of a few outdoor candles.

Traditional outdoor candles can be as simple as a bucket of wax with a wick, or as ornate as any sculpture. Candles specifically designed for outdoor use typically have a very thick wick which makes them a bit more difficult to light or extinguish but provides a bigger flame for more light and resists being blown out by the wind. Bucket candles usually won’t be filled to the top with wax. This further protects the flame from breezes, but also means that they have to be sheltered when it rains or the water dumped out afterwards.

A more water-resistant garden lighting solution is an outdoor lantern. These can be hung from tree branches or gazebos or can sit on the ground or a table. Some models include a matching pedestal, post, or hanger, so there are many styles to fit your garden. Many lanterns will accept standard outdoor or even indoor candles, but another popular option is the oil lantern. Probably the best-known example of an outdoor oil lantern is the tiki torch. For a more elegant look, lanterns with clear oil reservoirs can be filled with coloured oil. An adjustable wick allows you to choose just the right level of light.

Whether burning oil or wax, the addition of citronella oil provides an added benefit. Citronella oil, extracted from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant, is a non-toxic insect repellant that will encourage mosquitoes and other flying pests to fly elsewhere.

There is also a modern alternative to the common candle: outdoor LED lights which resemble candles and include circuitry to add an artificial “flicker” of flame. Solar or battery powered, these avoid some of the problems of an open flame like fire hazards, wind, and rain. However, they don’t have the option of adding a bug repellant.

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